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As the founder Superior Taxidermy LLC, I bring over 2 decades of experience to the
taxidermy field. I am a degreed, licensed, full time professional taxidermist. In addition, I continually enhance my education through industry offerings, personal study
and thousands of logged field hours from Alaska to Zimbabwe. This is my passion.
As an artist, I personally apply my art to each individual specimen.

I do not run a cookie cutter studio.  Each mount is created as a custom piece following customer requests.  We develop manikins that meet your goals.  Measurements are taken off your stretched and tanned hide to give you the largest body possible.  I tailor fit and position the body of your mount into your requested pose.  My award winning work has produced an extensive nation-wide clientele.  I am always challenged to create unique mounts by custom sculpting instead of utilizing commercial manikins. 

My goal is to complete your hunt by creating a mount that captures the beauty
of the animal and makes it come alive.  As I like to say,
“Bring the life back into the animal .”

Glen Haas
Founder/Professional Taxidermist
Superior Taxidermy LLC

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